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  1. Time is certainly flying. Below are a couple of photos of some of our preparations for 2015. We have seven artists exhibiting at the church and some lovely cakes! We have leather, jewellery, textiles, photographgy and lots of lovely paintings to see.

    Leather journals


    I have keyrings, leather journals and belts available this year. Not just plain belts; embossed and decorated too! There will also be examples of items available for commission.

  2. Last autumn the seeds of shoe making were planted and grew into bigger ideas. Having attended the Prescott and Mackay moccasin slipper making with Rose in March, I decided I wanted to learn more.  In April I went to Springline to order a pair of moccasin lasts for use this August, where I had the great pleasure of learning how to make moccasins from a marvellous designer and teacher, Rose Choules ( Under Rose's patient guidance I learnt how to create patterns from my taped last right the way through to completing the finished moccasin shoe. It was an amazing process to see something take shape to fit my feet!

    lasts photoThese are my lasts. Each pair of shoes needs it's own style of last.

     Here are my finished moccasins.



    So what next? Well, I have practiced taping my lasts and creating patterns since returning home. I have made lots of mock up slippers to try out my ideas. I have recently created a pair of slippers that might even tempt Cinderella away from her glass slipper! I used a felted jumper to line the slipper and recycled a pair of zebra boots to create the vamps. The green suede is my favourite colour of the moment. The spare zebra will be used in the creation of moccasin shoes for my birthday, photo to follow. My husband has also expressed an interest in having his own slippers, complete with chilli fabric lining.........

    p1000532 p1000534

    I plan to add moccasins to my range next year, once I have played about with my ideas and materials first.

  3. I started this back in February on one of Katharine Pogson's excellent gloving weekends. It is finally finished! It has been a challenge in places, with the odd threat of twisted fingers. I find I need to ensure that the fingers do not get stretched as I insert the quirks and fourchettes. All issues now happily resolved. I have used a between no.7 needle, lamb nappa and two strands of gutermann's glazed quilting cotton which I also waxed. This thread is working well in my gloving work and gives a good effect. The seams are overlapped and stab stitched. 

    p1000204 glove 1 glove 4 glove 3

    The picture on the top left is the trank ready to thumb and fourchette insertion. The other pictures show completed views of the gloves, kindly taken by my husband. I would also consider adding a piped edge, though I do like the simplicity of the cut edge. I might also explore adding elastic or a button fastening..........