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  1. Coronavirus 2020

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    If 2020 had kept to the script we would be welcoming people to Kingsey Church for Bucks Art Weeks. With the arrival of Coronavirus so much of life has moved online. Whilst I have mixed feelings about the invasion of Google classroom in to my home, in other areas being online is a good thing. Bucks Art Weeks has moved online this year. Each day sees a different theme and artists are invited to contribute on a daily basis - as many or just a few posts as you like. 

    The Bucks Art Weeks website has a lot of information about artists and is a great resource for looking at lovely things or even thinking about your for Christmas shopping.

    I have a section on the website (you may need to copy and paste the links as I am not good at links). I have featured some of my leather and ecclesiastical work within my gallery.

    I know that there is a lot of uncertainty about the future. This will pass and life will go on. For some of us it will be a little bit tougher but we will all emerge at some point.  

    Stay safe everyone.



  2. My gloves in Sew magazine!

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    A picture of my gloves is featured in the current issue of Sew magazine! How very exciting! Sew are advertising a course run by Katherine Pogson. If you like the idea of making gloves or working with leather check out her courses at (you may also see this familiar picture again as Katherine has taught me how to make gloves).

    I am also using the image to advertise Bucks Open Studios in June 2014 - Artists and Makers at St. Nicholas Kingsey. See for details. Come and visit us!

    my gloves in sew mag mar14