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  1. I have been commissioned to make two pairs of gloves for a couple. This is a lovely project which is all hand stitched and finished. It is a work in progress, each front and back has to be assembled separately, an example of one is below.



  2. On Sunday 20th March I travelled down to West Dean College to learn about making summer moccasins with Bernadette Hehenberger from

    We had three days of learning how to make shoes, different leathers and materials to achieve this. We used crepe soles and Bernadette adjusted the patterns to make sure we  had a good fit. She brought with her lots of examples of the different styles she has made. Some of these included styles similar to celtic shoes. All the styles looked comfy and uncomplicated in construction which appeals to me. My finished shoes are below. They are very comfy and nice and wide.


  3. What a treat! On Wednesday 30th March 2016 we will be running two belt making sessions in Cambridge @eagle_labs (Above Barclays). There are morning and an afternoon sessions to make a leather belt perfect for you.

    Booking through Eventbrite is essential. Book your ticket now by pasting the links below into your browser.


    1st session in the morning : AM belt making session


    2nd session in the afternoon: PM belt making session

    Helens belt