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  1. On Saturday 13th February 2016 I went to the Tandy Leather Factory in Northampton for a morning of learning how to carve leather. This has long been tricky for me and I came away feeling much more confident. The store manager Roy took us through creating a round leather carving. This included using a swivel knife, bevelling and tooling. I had tried this at home but felt unimpressed with my efforts, though now I could see where I was going wrong - over saturation of the leather, wrong angle of the swivel knife and not cutting deep enough were just a few errors. I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn how to carve.

    Learning to carve and tool leather

    This is a montage of my carving journey. The round carving and the rose carving (bottom right) are my two recent creations. I am proud of these two and also proud that I can see I have made progress. I have made every mistake possible to make - the dog collar is an example of this, but now I feel I know where I am likely to go wrong. This is an amazing art form and the internet is full of fabulous examples.

  2. What a treat to be making baby mocs with Rose Choules at her workshop in Bude. This was one of her one day courses and she is a great teacher. I made the pair below. We used shearling which is lush and rather soft to work with. It makes fabulous baby mocs. I think we might put a few pairs out for Bucks Open Studios 2016.

    Baby mocs all cut out


    Baby mocs - completed heels


    Baby mocs