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  1. I received a pyrography tool as a wedding anniversary present and enjoyed playing about with it. I realised that I needed to learn more about this art form so started looking about for a course. I found one with Bob Neill at the Buckingham Summer School and thought it looked, so I signed up. This is a great art form and so much more refined than my initial experiments. This is a great day and Bob and Del were very patient teachers, helping me refine my clumsy technique. This is something that I would like to try on leather and play about with some effects. Some of my days work is below.

    Pyrography day at Buckingham Summer School

  2. On the 10th and 11th October 2015 I tried some leather moulding with Katherine Pogson from

    The weekend was spent working with natural russet leather and moulding it over forms. We looked at using existing items like plastic trays and also creating forms using plaster of paris. I used dariole moulds and some cat food trays. The results are below. I have tried other shapes and used leather acrylics to decorate the leather.

    Leather moulding preparation


    sample bowls


    Here are some more ideas.

    painted bowls

  3. On the rather glorious Saturday 19th September I ran a course at someone's house for those interested in making a sheath for hunting knives. There was also the opportunity to make a belt for those new to leather work. The sheaths were hand stitched and completed in a day. Well done class!

    sheath making 19 sept


    I prepared some sample patterns to work out the logistics of constructing a sheath. I do like making patterns and seeing an idea come to life. My samples are below.


    sheath samples