New ideas and beginnings

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Already in April - where has the year gone? I hope everyone has stayed safe and survived the snow.

This year I plan to develop the teaching side of my leather and textile work. I am lucky to be able to teach at Queens Park Arts Centre, a local cultural hub. I teach leather work on the 'Sunday Specials'. There is a lot going on there and well worth a look

Here are a couple of photos from the belt and purse making workshops. The belts are made to fit the person and not a standard size. Student can either leave them plain, or stamp and decorate the leather which is a good to personalise your project. I have created a series of patterns for the purses which students can use or adapt, or design their own. The results speak for themselves.

Belt making tuition Purse and wallet making tuition


I have also been teaching around the kitchen table, working with people in their own homes and delivering bespoke tuition. There is a lot of equipment to consider when doing this, so preparation is key. The photo below illustrates this.

class prep

Bespoke tuition also makes a great gift option.............................................