Repairs - items to save and cherish

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Over the past few months I have undertaken a lot of repairs. Increasingly these repairs are on a lot of cherished items. Bag repairs have been a real feature, from split handles to replacement zips. Each repair brings with it different challenges to work out the best way of bringing the item back to life. I have always enjoyed finding out how to do something as much as seeing the item repaired.

Featured below are a few of the items that I have repaired.


This mitten belonged to a beloved family member who died young. When the tear appeared the owner thought they would not be able to wear them again. This picture shows the before and after.




These grey boots were a favoured pair and have seen a lot of wear and tear. Unfortunately an escalator took a bite out of the right heel. Alas, is not always possible to make all repairs invisible, but the impact of the damage can be ameliorated.  The boots also had a spa treatment to help give them a new lease of life.




This satchel is now getting ready to start a PhD. It is being passed from mother to daughter, and was used by the mother whilst at school. It came in for a spa treatment and re-stitching. It had received a lot of stitching and care over the years as you will see from the first photo.  It also had the original name tag in the front pocket too. We think the satchel has been in the family for somewhere in the region of 40 years.

In our discussions we looked at the provenance, available threads and what to do. As a lot of the stitching was old, with the thread breaking in some parts and different coloured threads used to make earlier repairs, we decided on a complete re-stitch and spa treatment.