Something old, something new!

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Something old?

There are some things that are important in life. This can be a variety of reasons. The chance to breath new life into them is an honour. Below are a couple examples of recent work. The first is a peg bag.

original peg bag  p1000098 b  p1000097 blog


The next project was a cushion for chair, with piped edges and a zip at the back. A handmade cord finishing the zip slider. 

chair cushion


Something new..................

Working in leather is a real passion of mine. For Christmas here is the satchel I made for my husband (to his specification of course!):

Mark's leather satchel


I am also working on making leather gloves. The aubergine pair also feature on the homepage. Forgive the repetition, but I thought it would be nice to see the progress so far. The aubergine gloves are stitched using a 'prix' seam throughout the construction and a 'between' needle, rather than a leather needle. Lamb nappa is the leather used to make these gloves.

My gloves 1


This is the latest example from November and December 2013. This is stitched with two other different seams. Round the fingers is an 'oversewn' seam (like oversewing into each stitch twice). At the base of the thumb insertion is a 'pique' seam, where one leather is overlapped to another giving a smooth finish. The leather used to make this pair is from 'hair sheep', in a wine colour from Pittards.

p1000239 b  leather glove