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I am a leather worker who makes beautiful bespoke leather and textile goods for people who like real craftsmanship and appreciate my personal touch. 

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I am also a teacher who enjoys sharing skills and knowledge with people who enjoy learning new skills and de-stressing, using a different part of their brain, learning some traditional and contemporary craft skills and having fun.

Have a look at the Leather, Textile and Church Work tabs, and social links for examples of my work.



The Products


If you are seeking bespoke leather and textiles goods then look no further. 

My personal touch means that the product created for you is unique - you are more than just a size or a number. 

Each idea starts with a sketch and a discussion about what you would like. I then source suitable leathers and techniques, and create individual patterns to test the idea. After testing we make any necessary adjustments before moving forwards to complete the finished item.

This is not an express service. What I offer is unique and the product is made to your specification. For example, if you order a belt then the belt is made to fit you. If you order a bag, then everything about that bag is made for you. 

This is your chance to invest in a piece of handcrafted goodness for you or someone special.

I would like something made. What next?

Fill out the 'Contact Us' form (a tab at the top of this page), say hello and discuss your idea. 



  Camper van belt